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Getting The Best From Your Trees And Shrubs

Posted on October 16, 2016 at 4:30 PM

It would be rather presumptuous for me to tell you how to lay out your garden. Garden design is very much a personal matter, but it is not something that is done very frequently and there are people who like to have advice. All the same, the choice of plants and the general atmosphere of a garden is a matter of personal taste, in the same way that the design of the interior of a house reflects the taste of the owner. You are the person who has to live with your garden and like it. The choice of colours; the balance between flowers and greenery, and between lawn and borders or other features; all should be in tune with your taste and lifestyle. In a sense, trees and shrubs can be likened to the exterior fabric of the house: once they are established, they are permanent, short of a major upheaval.

The number of different shapes of gardens is infinite and so, consequently, is the number of possible garden designs. The basic message for anyone designing a garden is to keep it simple! This is particularly important in the smaller garden, where over-planting or convoluted lines will create a fussy and overdressed look. Restrict straight lines to boundary hedges; simple curves are more attractive elsewhere.

Even in a comparatively small garden, shrubs can be used to provide a sense of drama and adventure by obscuring sections of the garden, which suddenly come into view as a corner is turned.

Winter flowering shrubs and trees can be ugly during the summer, so they should not be planted in a prominent position. On the other hand, they should ideally be placed where they can be seen from the house or from a path; it is no good having to trod through the winter mud to see them.

Trees can grow very big and their number should be carefully controlled in the smaller garden. Avoid planting them too near the house, and remember that they will eventually cast a large amount of shade.

In the next blog I write, I will list a number of ways trees and shrubs are often used in the smaller garden...

Categories: Garden And Landscaping