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One Of The Best Mulches For The Garden!

Posted on March 15, 2016 at 6:45 PM

The greatest source of good soil fertility comes from the sea. The best soil conditioners out there is seaweed!

When people think of seaweed, they automatically think of plenty of salt. The amazing thing about seaweed is its ability to reject salt. It does this so effectively that even though it grows in very salty water, it contains little salt.

This means it can be used directly on the garden, without washing. Taking it straight from the water, straight on to the garden is okay - as it is salt free. Seaweed is best used either as a mulch spread over the soil or as part of a compost heap. It must never be dug into the ground, as this would cause serious problems of imbalance, mainly in the form of a massive nitrogen deficiency! This also means the seaweed would lie in the soil, without properly decaying, for very long periods.

The best way to apply it to your garden is spread it directly over the surface, around and between plants, seaweed breaks down with great speed, and soon disappears naturally into the soil.

People always ask if there are any problems with using seaweed. Yes, However, the problems are actually caused by other materials such as beach sand, crused shells or dead marine creatures, all of which are mixed up with seaweed when it is collected.

What about making compost with seaweed? This is the best compost of all, especially with a good mixture of pulled weeds, straw or any other waste organic matter. With the addition of a few shovelsful of manure and constant turning while watering the compost produced is suitable for all plants, including the acid lovers.

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